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Club Deportivo, was founded in 1984 as a community social and sporting club. It has evolved into a not-for-profit organization, that is administered by a totally legion of volunteers. All income received from events and benefit dinners and fishing tournaments are distributed to the local community charitable organization. The facilities are generally available for other non-profit organizations.

Fund raising events include yearly dinners, breakfasts, bingo, ceramics, ping pong, charity fairs, and an annual International Woman’s fishing tournament. In addition, revenue is raised by the rental of Club owned storage units.

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San Carlos Club Deportivo

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Ceramics group meets on Mondays and Thursdays 9 AM – 1:00PM.

Our ceramics program provides ceramic pieces made by the clay (slip) being poured into molds and sold as greenware to members to be fired and painted. We have an inventory of a couple of thousand molds. Anyone interested can come in and browse through the molds catalog or look among the sample pieces on display and choose a piece that like which will then be poured. We have a large variety of different types of paints and glazes and four kilns for firing. It is a several step process that require drying time, smoothing and cleaning by its new owner, firing in a kiln to harden it to bisque and painted either with an acrylic paint which, upon drying, is spray sealed. There are a variety of glazes which usually must be applied in three coats and then fired again.
Newcomers are welcome and more experienced members are always willing to help those new to the art. Our prices are for materials used. We have a ceramic show for display each year in March. Classes in mosaics, alcohol ink, and sculpting our own pieces are held with available instructors and a quilting/sewing group has also started.


Dinners are held three to four times a year.

Ticket prices are based on what is being served and is usually steak or pork. Dinners include an eighteen-foot salad bar, main, vegetable, bread, and desert. In addition, during dinners the Club operates a beverage bar.
Tickets are sold in advance of the dinners (all have been sell-outs), at the front of CI Banco and most real estate firms, as well as by Club Deportivo board members. The St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage dinner is a specialty dinner, that sells out quickly.
Dinners are served at the Club and there is usually entertainment. The Club asks that you bring your own plate-ware and utensils to each dinner. Takeout is available.

Ping Pong

The Ping Pong Group plays on Thursdays from 3:00 PM till 4:15 PM.

This fun, safe activity involves lots of laughing and good-spirited fun. All level of players is welcome and there is no charge. Two tables are playing at once and Paddles and balls are available.
Contact Fern at 622-226-1519 for more information.


Bridge (party/contract) is played on Mondays at 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM. Is open to anyone that plays bridge.

Contact Marilyn Fiala at 622-226-1141 for information.


Bingo is held on Tuesday’s nights from 5:30 PM till 8:00 PM.

Doors close at 6:00 so that payoffs can be determined by the number of people present. You can play all night for $5.00 and the proceeds after the payouts are donated yearly to the orphanage Hogar Paz y Bien. Popcorn is served, please bring your own refreshment.

Club Deportivo has constructed 20 storages shed on its property in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. These sheds are leased out to members. There are 20 units that are 8 feet by 10 feet. 15 have electricity provided and 5 are without electricity.
A waiting list of members who wish to rent is maintained by the Club’s treasurer and payment is due annually.
Contact Diana Eddy at 226-0098 for availability or questions.

San Carlos Club Deportivo

Charities Supported


Meson de Jesus

Meson de Jesus provides free meals to the indigent and elderly in Guaymas and outlying areas. They are part of the outreach of Casa Francescana who also provide a free clinic and dispensary of medicines as well as dental services with the help of volunteer physicians and dentists.
The Meson de Jesus serves approximately 800 meals daily and takes meals into the barrios for pickup. Nonperishable foods are delivered monthly to the migrant camps.


Orphanage Hogar Paz Y Bien

Founded by Father Miguel Lozano Cordero in 1973, and run by the Sisters Desagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart). Their mission is to receive with open arms, those children that are at high risk or on the streets, and offer them a better future.


Rescate SC

Rescate is an volunteer sponsored organization that pays for medical personnel and ambulances to San Carlos and surrounding communities. Their facility is open 24 X 7 to respond to medical emergencies, accidents, fires, etc.



The mission of both SBPA Services, Inc. and its south-of-the-border non-profit, SBPA de San Carlos, is to protect animals and to alleviate the suffering created by their uncontrolled population growth. This goal is realized through a multi-faceted program that includes free spay and neuter clinics and certificates; and distribution of educational materials that promote responsible pet ownership.


El Cobijo

El Cobijo is a home for the elderly located in San Carlos. Club Deportivo supports the home with yearly donations of diapers, food, and warm clothing. In addition, Club Deportivo supported the rebuilding of the home after a hurricane.


Seguro y Sano-Sana y Protegida

Seguro y Sano-Sana y Protegida is a non-profit registered in Mexico and Arizona. Their mission is to establish a shelter for women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence. Club Deportivo pours molds and fires them for their dolphin sale program.

Located in San Carlos

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